The Key to Sanity…

Is realizing there isn’t one. There really never was one to begin with. No matter what there will always be a daily moment where our jaws just swing in the air and our brains can’t compute what just happened.

Such moments happen throughout our lives most notably Dating, Career, Parenting, and tax season.
Today I had a WTF moment after nearly 2 hours of OT (ever heard of a contractor coming in an hour early? Now you have!) I was quietly informed that the manager who had only been here 3 weeks had resigned last Friday. It was so mind boggling because in a month my supervisor is leaving and our team of 7 will be down to 3.

How the BEEP are we gonna run a major dept when the most experienced person has only 6 months under her belt???

I have to admit after the shock of it all I began laughing hysterically. The sheer chaotic tempo of the whole thing does provide me with some nice cash and with everyone leaving a near perfect beeline for a direct hire spot.

So when I finally got home Bill had made dinner and we watched Top Gear 🙂 Then I planned a bit with the washer piece…

The color phase is the hardest. I know I want warm tones but not so like its exactly the same. It also needs some gauze overlay. The washers are too obvious.
But like I said… I really have no clue where it’s going at all. The Muse is subtle on this one. Trying to force the painting with just piss me off to no end. So, against my Irish nature I am…trying… To take it slow.


Now it’s nearly 10pm and I’m curled up on a heating pad praying that the Zzzquil knocks my ass off into happy dreamland.

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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