I now remember why I hate super glue! No matter how careful I am I still get it on my hands and it feels so funky!

Today’s painting session was a surprise. As usual I have no planning whatsoever when I begin a piece. None.

I just get the urge to start painting and the Muse takes me wherever she wants to.

What I thought was one new painting turned out to begin 2. So I will have a 3 panel series when I’m done.


Washers tend to be my favorite texture and so easy to obtain 🙂 This is now primed up in white for tomorrow.



Layout for painting 3 – and detail in process. Another medium I use a lot is sea salt and table salt. This is about half an inch thick. It will need to dry for another day before I can spray enamel it down.

So we’ll see what happens tomorrow 🙂

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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