Exercise the brush

While the world bakes outside I have dedicated this weekend to painting. Another one of my passions is this textured mixed media canvases. The motto is if I can glue it to a canvas, it fair game 🙂

Here are some of my past projects….

IMG-20110920-00104 487971_10152099191400473_527780060_n



Some bigger canvases took months to complete…


An old canvas I was never happy with and sat in the closet for months…So I took a picture of it and got a sharpie…

Old canvas I wasn't happy with



F IMG-20120722-00832

chicken wire layer


Then I applied more textures, washers; a belt covered in plastic gems and green glass marble bricks…..


Tissue paper to give a “skin” over the textures 🙂


Gesso-ed white (tissue paper and glue bleeds- took so many colors of white!)


The final result has black behind the “holes” to make it all pop. Sadly dont have a picture of that yet.


The latest completed piece:


I am now beginning a pair piece for the one above so I will do my best to take pictures throughout the process!


Have a great Saturday everyone!

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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