A Lotus Among the Mud

Its been a few days since I posted anything but I had to come to grips with changes at work.

I work in the Healthcare industry in a pharmaceutical side in the local office of a specific Fortune 50 company as a contractor. I do hope to get my direct hire someday.

However this Data department manages the main database and and changes to any account have to go through us. originally before I got there it was a 8 person dept.

When I got there about a month ago it was down to 6….then 5….

Now it is just 3 full time directs, my supervisor, and me.

As of yesterday’s news…after the 16th (next friday)…..*drum roll*

My supervisor is leaving and so is another co worker.

And then there were 3… with no supervisor (Management has no clue what they are going to do) and the new manager we got has yet to come over and talk to us (I don’t think he realizes the gravity of this situation at all)

So things at work are becoming a little hairy scary but there is a good chance I will shed my contractor wings for a perm. job and that’s work the crazy I think.

Anywho the new mantra will be “May I be a lotus blooming in the muddy water” or like my favorite blogger Jess Carlson said “No mud. No lotus.” 🙂

Wish me sense! I don’t have much left! 😛


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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