It’s Saturday morning and tell me where are you? Snuggled under the covers deep in dreamland…gosh can I go back to that?

The life of a runner makes no sense (I love it but it makes no flippin sense)

You learn to eat 90% healthy and then do the unthinkable.

You get up at 5am on Saturday morning to shower, eat a bagel and band with other runner buddies to get to the race.

Where is the sanity in this plan? Why do I do it?

The mornings, when most races are held, is the coolest time of day. Cool meaning below 90 degrees.

Since I haven’t been able to train all week this is a “survive and see” race. I would love to beat 59 minutes but hey if I don’t, I don’t.

I just cannot die because then I’d miss my massage at 3pm. Woman’s got to have priorities ya know? 🙂

So our ride will be here in about 15 minutes and I got to finish getting ready. Think of me fondly as you sleep cause I’ll be thinking OMG! WTF was I thinking!

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