Melon Dash 2013

5K #4 Under my belt Whoohoo!

It was a scorching hot one through Downtown McKinney, TX. Weaving through neighborhoods where there was no breeze was only relief was dashing through a rather large sprinkler (whose owners were amused by our antics)

Pre Race was about 87 degrees but within  the hour it took to complete it was 91 and climbing by 9:15am.


Bill and I Pre Race


My main goal, as always, is to finish the race. However, my Ego wanted me to beat my previous record 59.56 minutes at the Peace Love Run in Frisco (since coming out of hiatus).


RACE COMPLETED IN 52.53 MINUTES!!! Shaved off 7.03 minutes off my time (and I hadn’t ran all week leading up to this race)

I was about to fall and snort dirt but Gods, I would be happy while doing it.

Bill and Christy both finished in the 30-35min area so they were waiting for me to cross the line. It felt great to shove my phone in their faces and get huge sweaty hugs of triumph!


Post Race Watermelon Victory!


Afterwards we had brunch at the original pancake house and promptly fell asleep until my massage 🙂

Now THAT is how to end a Saturday!


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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