Its Friday!

Well yesterday started out a little crazy at work but nothing to the point of what I feared. No cold shoulders, No meetings to discuss it, just normal day in the life of the shorthanded Master Data department. Hell, I even got to leave on time! 🙂

SO yep, Jen @ Boredlandia you were right! We really are our worst critics… and worriers… and well yeah when the shit hits the fan its the  Bull elephant dung pile and an industrial hovercraft fan. Mentally we are just coated!

What also made my day brighter was my new Running shirts came in! 😀 WHOOOHOOO! Just in time for Race day this Saturday.

Now Bill can only get running shirts from Kohls. At 6ft 7 we have a VERY hard time finding shirts that are long enough. But Kohls to the rescue! Our First order of regular running shirts have suited us well but with the Texas heat we are dealing with we need more breathing room.

For the most part I am one of those women who hates baring her flabby arms — but when I’m running I really stopped giving a shit about all the jiggling that happens so I was happy to purchase some of these shirts for me once they got a thumbs up from my Honey 🙂

At 5 ft 11 these are as long as I’d like them to go. The arm cut outs are breathable but for the sports bra conscious ladies this does not showcase anything. At 42C-D ish this shirt is not giving any issues for me.

So this was a happy note to end on yesterday. Work was a relief and I got goodies in the mail. Now if it will stop being 100 degree at 8:30 I might actually get to go run one day!


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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