Cuss worthy of a day

Ever have one of those days where everything you touch turns to shit?

Oh, did I have my first one of those at my new job yesterday! Nothing I did was right and it was one thing after another for a grand total of 5 clusterfucks that followed me around like deranged ducklings and me hopeless to out run them…

As a contractor yesterday could have been the nail in my coffin. My job is a data processing at a major company. Clusterfucks don’t happen and when they do the whole team suffers.

After staying an hour and half overtime I made it home in one piece, tears and roads don’t mix well, only to find Bill plating dinner so we could eat. After venting and more tears he comes over and shows that he got us some chocolate for dessert…

Ohhhhh! that keyed the water works cause it was soo damn nice to come home to after the bloody damn day I had.

We were going to run last night as usual but I got home too late for me to go out. Bill trashed the idea when it was still 99 degrees at 8:30pm. We’re crazy but we ain’t stupid.

So now this brings me to the point of this morning — I got no clue what I am walking into. At worst I could get fired ( unlikely at the level of shorthandedness this place has) or its gonna be a dreaded meeting for a verbal lashing. If I had my way – everyone would just act normal and write off yesterday as a crazy End-Of-The-Month day where everything went wrong in general.

So as much as I want to call in sick and not face the uncertainty, I got to get out of bed and get ready. Cross your fingers for me that I make it out of here alive!


One thought on “Cuss worthy of a day

  1. boredlandia says:

    I want to hug you! I hate days like that and if you’re anything like me (which you are after reading this post) you’re harder on yourself than anyone will be in that company. I still have days where I mess up and think the world is against me. It sucks. It’s scary. It makes me want to crawl under my comforter and never wake up.

    Ask me how tomorrow goes because it’s my first day with my boss not around to help coax me to understand certain contracts. I don’t want to be a lost puppy!


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