I dont have time.

If I had a dollar every time I say this in real life I could go buy wedding bands right now. LOL!

Truth is, in America, we spin our wheels so much its amazing we haven’t exploded yet. Right now I am looking at the clock and seeing I have only a few minutes before i have to leave for work. Yet I want to get a small post in  while I can.

I have started a running blog before rawrwoman.com however I didn’t keep with it, decided to turn it into something else and STUPIDLY deleted all my workout posts. When I realized I had no way of getting those back I had a hell of a huff.
Shit happens. I didn’t think I’d blog anymore but it’s bug and I caught it…So tiume to start from scratch again.

What you’ll see on here is alot of Positive encouragement, posts from inspired Berry motivation (I have to share those!); recipes Bill and I create and daily blurbs about healthy mentality = healthy life. If I ever get a painting done… you’ll see that pop up as well. 🙂

Again its all a matter of time management, something I was REALLY good at in college – don’t know where it went.

I will also post about Apps, Tools and eventually recover some snippets about former training routines that got me started.

Its a bad tagline but Hello, My name is Mindy. I am obese and I run 5ks. You can too! 🙂


More later!

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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