Logical vs emotional me (a rant)

Dear Me,

I did something very very stupid yesterday. Valid because of my feelings- but still highly stupid. I drank…a whole bottle of wine. I had an interview cancelled and a Hail Mary interview possibility fall through as well. I was mad. I was disappointed. I was overwhelmed because I felt as though I was failing at life…and thusly failing myself and my fiancé.

I had a hell of a pity party and one glass of wine turned into 2.5 and the only snacks were Greek yogurt. Yes….I did. And later the stomach pains just compacted all the stress I had and the lid blew off. LegoMan was asleep on the bed only to wake up to me crying and gripping my stomach.

I was mad, I was overwhelmed, I was tired, I was stressed, I was hurting, I felt like shit.

Goddess blessed me with a wise future husband. He listened, he hugged, and went out to get us dinner. Nice chipotle with enough starches to soak up the wine in my nearly empty stomach. I held it down and fell asleep.

Never drinking wine again.

Stress does happen. Happens very regularly lately no matter how i try to avoid it. So to be smarter today lets look at what is REALLY going on…lets see if I can listen to the advice I give others… for once.

Trying to find a new job.
Old job is relocating to Red Oak by next march.

Have you been looking?
Found any possibilities?
Yes. But they are all contract hires. I need full time and a certain pay level.
So you are being picky?
Yes, because I can be.
Since you have time still?
Will you get fired when the company moves?
Not likely.
So you still have a job no matter what happens?
Yes. I can commute if need be.
So why are you so stressed out if you have a good job that will take you when they move? It’s not an end all be all situation. Stay at this job until something comes up. Search once every two weeks. But it’s isn’t a true reason to be stressed out.

Daily Chores
Why is this a stressor?
Because I feel as though all I do after working from 4am-3pm is grocery shop, run dishes, do laundry. I have no ME time before LegoMan gets home. Once he’s home it’s snuggle time and dinner time. I feel as though I have no time to paint, apply for jobs, workout, manage my doterra accounts.. Etc.

Girl…on the days that LegoMan doesn’t run ask him to do the grocery shopping if any needs to be done. Plan out when you are hitting the gym in the afternoons. See if you both can do the workouts on the same day. As for chores you REALLY ONLY NEED TO DO LAUNDRY AND DISHES ONCE A WEEK.
But dishes in the sink…….
Sweetie, you can move them to the dishwasher when you get home- just takes 5 minutes. Then just run them when they get full. Heck, you can do that in the mornings before you leave for work as well!

DoTerra business off the ground

If I were you and you weren’t being an idiot are now, I would tell you to grasp this by the horns and follow it where it goes. You just made manager! One more person and you’ll be making extra $50 a month. Keep it up and it very well could become the job you want. I would say focus on my
As if this is your “job search” investment time. Get the cards ordered and brainstorm class ideas. Ask tonya for help getting the product out with her customers or at least flyers!

where the hell is this blog going?
At first this blog was about fitness, then I wanted to make it more faith base, now I want to take it to more fitness orientated. I can’t contain it to just one thing! I feel like if I can’t do that then I should just trash it.
Are blogs solely about one thing?
No…but good ones have a theme.
And good ones take time to grow- so don’t worry about it right now. Just write about you. You are a crazy enough theme as it is 😉 Doing to much stuff in 7 different directions and for the most part still make it to bed on time!

wedding planning OMG!
Breathe. It’s not until October 2014!!!! You already found a place you and LegoMan like. Wait to July and then call them up and see what is needed. You already found a dress you like too.
But….I’m not dress ready…still so…well fat.
More reason to get your schedule figured out and hit the silly gym. More reason for you to get yourself in order and have sanity time so you keep those stupid stress hormones down!!! And don’t go on a restrictive streak again- consciously or unconsciously. That was shit bad and you know it now.


Huh….guess I don’t have That much to stress over when I look at it piece by piece. It REALLY isn’t a huge mountain I need to move but only small foothills in my path. Life could be much much worse and is for many people so I have no room to bitch in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes it’s hard to see pass my own personal bubble to be reminded of this.

Thank Goddess she gave me a dang good logical side to my brain. I really need to listen to it more often.

End of rant.

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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