Tools of the trade

The tools used in Wicca are as varied as the people who practice it.

There are those who swear traditional tools a the only way to go and some covens require specifics into what a coven member can use depending on their degree status. Others whom practice in a group setting may only use the coven set of tools that ad strictly handled by the High Priestess and Priest. Many solitaries I have had the pleasure of meeting ranged from highly expensive tools to self made pieces from nature or a ceramic class.

Here is the real deal on tools, you don’t need any of them.


The tools in Wicca do not create the magick nor the energy we use.
The magick is in US!
The energy is in US!

We are the magick we hope to harness.

When I started out I was in the broom closet with catholic parents. My first wand was a curly squiggle straw because I thought the straw symbolized the crazy loops and twists that was “energy bending”. The chalice? That was a shot glass I knew my mom wouldn’t miss. Athame- a dull letter opener.

The materials didn’t matter. What mattered was my confidence in myself and my own personal power to raise magical energy. I knew all my associations to boost my spell work and how to tailor a spell that didn’t backfire on me or harm others’ free will.
It was the steady of my voice and knowing what I was doing was correct and that 90% sure that karma wasn’t gonna have my ass for what I was doing.

Now, years later I did invest in nicer tools- ones that are only used in high ritual work at home. Day to day work I use less obvious tools (I do work in corporate America after all).

I don’t use a wand but prefer to cast and call circle with my hands and usually not out loud. I carry a small pocket utility knife (note- length is important to determine if its illegal. Check your state’s laws) to use for gathering herbs, wand making, cord cutting etc. It’s become highly useful once I spelled it to block negativity and to cut energy cords to dramatic toxic individuals.

In my purse I keep a small pouch with a vital of salt, jet stone, and my prayer beads ( an altered rosary actually) that doubles as a pendulum.

Now, traditional and current practices in Wicca says he first things you do a cleansing the space, circle casting, calling in the quarters and requesting the Goddess and god to bless your work.
I have read many books that offer and outline to do this in a more ceremonial atmosphere. It works well enough.

For me, it’s too much.
I cleanse my space with Lysol air affects (bless the canister and it cleansing AND disinfects)

I then get into my meditative visuals – usually expanding a ball of light from me to surround the building and then do another one around our apartment and then the final third sphere around my work area. All these spheres I use a concept of a negativity “bug zapper” so nothing malevolent can interfere with what I am doing – this is a necessary step with any communication exercises.

Once I am satisfied with my protective spheres I ask for the energy watchers of the directions to watch over me and allow only those energies and entities “that work in the brightest light for absolute truth and the highest good” through.

I ask my guides to watch over my project and aid me in whatever way I need to do this working in the name of the Goddess and her consort.

Then I begin what I set out to do.

I do this with all energy workings; at home or at work and most of the time I do not use any tools.

Tools are solely an expansion of ourselves, a focus point of the conduit of our energies. Some people prefer to work with tools because they need that focus point. Others, like me, don’t require that.

However, I say this because I have met wiccans at the beginning of their path and feel pressured to obtain tools that aren’t easy to afford in their situation. I know I felt pressured in the beginning for sure.

But that twisty straw served me as well as any wand I ever owned. It was only later did I learn the magick energies came from me and not a blessed straw. Once I realized that the possibilities were endless on what I could do and where I could perform it.

In my cubicle at lunch time? Yep
In my car driving? Yep ( I was in stand still traffic)
In the shower? Hey it was cleansed already!
Even while I was taking out the garbage…banishment spell none the less.

Point is the most important tool you need on your path is YOU!

Focus on honing your gifts through meditation, visualization, and knowledge because any tool you get is only as good as you yourself are.

Blessings on this crazy Monday!


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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