Wicca 101 tips

As with any good newbie getting into Wicca and all the other aspects of the Craft there are some normal 101 learning curve we all have gone through. memorizing color and spell associations paired with the phases of the moon and how to make everything “sync” to our intentions. this si a highly exciting time when all the informations is new and fresh and we simply cannot get enough…

But there are some things to remember…

No one (and no book) is 100% right. Nor is anyone 100% wrong. Books are written by a one person perspective and how they views things or use tools may or may not gel with your viewpoints or how you envision your Craft.

You will find disagreements on everything– what matters is what your intiution tells you. However, if you are going to spout off the history of the mysteries you had better have the knowledge to back it up. Showing off in public without sources never ends well.

People are going to misunderstand and give you weird looks (well into adulthood!) just remember their opinion of you is not about you at all- its about them. It took me YEARS to realize this! Also, what others think of you is really none of your business so why bother fretting about it?

Keep your bubble pure.
We are bombarded daily from people, chores, duties and fulfilling our daily lives requires energy. We exchange it with looks, convos in the store and the bus stop.
The caution comes from the fact that anyone carries negative residue or attachments and like fleas they can hop from person to person. If you don’t know what energyvampires or toxic friends are- go Google rigth now.

The best way to keep your aura (I like “bubble” better) is to maintain a cleansing routine you do daily. It doesn’t have to be much. I do my best to take a hot shower as soon as I get home from work and use rough sea salt to scrub the “crud” away. I carry stones and a pagan rosary with me always.

Pick one thing and study the heck out of it. Don’t spread yourself too thin by wanting to know everything at once. This can result in Burn out.


Finally, get your hands on Thuri Calafia’s book Dedicant and Initiate. Out of all the 101 type of books this author is THE BOMB! I actually read through Dedicant, thinking it was like all the others and then picked up Initiate….I promptly went back to work through Dedicant in all seriousness. Thuri’s books are so much deeper than I could have imagined and gave me new insight on what I believed from different angles.
Thuri’s books are actually lesson books that are meant to be used for a year and a day like formal coven training.

I am in process of finishing Dedicant and plan to log my process here on the blog! 🙂


Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Blessings!


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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