Defining what I believe (short version)

As any good introduction begins… once upon a time….

Okay, okay actually we are beginning with clarifications because how I define things are sometimes vastly different have than general collective’s understanding.

In my Universe it is thus:

Path: A person’s life’s path. Sometimes, a safer way of discussing religious topics in public. Also this is how I discuss or reference a person’s religious preferences especially since Wicca can very so drastically. “Your path is your path and only you can walk it”.

Wicca and Witchcraft are two separate things:

Wicca: is a modern pagan religious dogma. It is the “religion”. Witchcraft is the “craft” the magick of the Path.

Wiccan and Witch can be interchangeable depending on the person.

Pagan/ism is an umbrella term for both and often what I am use in general public (SAFE WORD)

A Wiccan CAN choose to practice witchcraft.
A Wiccan can choose NOT to practice witchcraft.

A Witch CAN choose to practice witchcraft and 99% of them do. I have yet to meet a witch who did not practice some sort of divination, casting etc. Though witches can choose whether or not they want to cast spells. (Some people separate spells from other workings-I don’t.)

In my own opinion, there is no such thing as a Christian Witch/Wiccan. I can understand why some would consider trying to combine the “virtues” of Christianity with the nature loving of Pagan religions or worshipping the Christ with ties to the Earth. I have even heard of having pagan “gifts” (healing, psychic etc) being God given = being a Christian Witch. No, that makes you a gifted Christian.

Worshipping the Christ = Christian
Worshipping the Goddess & God = Not Christian

I support the concept of Wicca that you tailor your religious practices to your preferences, but that just irks me when someone claims this. I just do not acknowledge this term myself.

Magick is the manipulation of energies. It is neither black nor white even though there is a lot of material out there that would have you consider otherwise. Your true intention is the sole contributor to the outcome. You are bending these energies to do your will- intent is everything!

Karma will come back to you, don’t be an ass.

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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