Domestic meditation ideas (when time is tight)

One thing that has been rolling through my mind lately was BE STILL.

No, I don’t have time to be still. I got to get to work. I need to work and get my paycheck. I need to get home and do errands. I need to job hunt and make dinner. Shower. Workout. LegoMan time. Laundry! Dishes! Must find job! Must pack!

Be Still.
Be Still.
Damn it woman! Be Still!

Okay when the little voice in my head cusses at me like that it is well pass time to listen. I have learned that listening to gut intuition is a good idea, but it still takes me a while to relent to it though.

Lately its been chaos but definitely easier to manage that the previous months. I have been taking time for myself and fine tuning my response to outside events and getting a routine down. Well as much as one can while moving 😛

At first I thought that I must have half an hour to meditation and treat myself to a spa like soak. Then I would need to do my mantras and paint all before LegoMan got home so we could have our snuggle time.

Yeah….right….the intention was there but who was I kidding? Soaking in the tub would require cleaning it and after it being a bachelor’s pad for the pass 3 years, yeah ewww. I’ll stick with showers!

However, what I discovered while doing the daily load of laundry and dishes right when I get home was that Meditation isn’t all pillows and mantras. Meditations aren’t the ultimate stress reliever for me either. I can’t still my mind well enough when I have a To Do List. Yet when I get the music turned up and enjoy the chore accomplishments one by one,  I really do feel relaxed and happy. Laundry doesn’t pile up and dishes don’t stink. My home is as clean as it can be, given our pending move and an hour spent getting things put right is an extra hour of happy couple time.
Plus having clean dishes does allow LegoMan to take over the kitchen if the sous chef is not required (so I get more downtime. 🙂

I guess we can look at it as my “Domestic meditation”!

So here are some tips to discovering your own inner tranquility.
1. Look at your current day- plan within it (not around).
2. What do you like to do to relax at home? Can this be included daily?
3. If you can’t devote a chunk of time to de-stressing, what daily things do you take pleasure in?
4. If everything seems to feel like a chore to you is there any way you can make them happier? Can you make it more enjoyable?
(I have a soccer mom and when she is on the way to pick up her kids she rocks out to her favorite music and I mean the car vibrates with bass!)
5. Unplug from technology for atleast one hour a day. It’s the hardest thing for me to do but it is helping me relax and stop being bombarded by the endless media upheaval.
6. After I get my chores done I soak in a hot shower to ‘wash away the work day’. It’s an important step mentally and emotionally for my psyche. You might benefit from something like this as well.

I’m sure these few ideas might spark something new and creative for you to enhance your routine in some way that brings benefits into your lives. If we are so busy we cannot take time out for yourselves we WILL suffer. But, if we cannot take that time out we can atleast attempt to make the daily grind more enjoyable. 🙂



Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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