Anti-Stress Tips

So lately my posts have taken the turn of being about stress and the management of it. I wasn’t planning on this topic but when life throws you lemons…

Stress is not good. Infact in my opinion it is just as bad as smoking and being a drunk. It can wreak havoc with our bodies, our mentality and our relationships.
Stress can come from any angle in our lives. The Soccer Mom with 3 kids, the CEO with the fortune 500 company, the college student paying their way- stress affects us all.

I have come to realize – thanks to LegoMan pointing this out – that I have the Super Woman complex. I have To Do Lists miles long and try to race around and get everything done that needs to be done as fast as possible. I hate waiting for things to conclude once I get my end of things done (like health insurance applications or job searching). I want to get it done NOW NOW NOW!

“Because once its all done- I can relax. I can breathe. I can indulge.”

I condition the amount of pleasure/relaxation etc I enjoy, based upon what all I get accomplished.

Guess how often I get to spoil myself? Not nearly enough. Not nearly enough even by LegoMan’s standards.

We, as a society, can’t grasp the concept on slowing down. The faster the better, the higher the corporate ladder the better, more, more, more, now, now, now.

And we are just Miserable.

So my little inspiration of the day- create your “cleansing” ritual.

No, I’m not talking about a little witch spell (though I know some of those too) but I mean have something, a routine, you do when the day is done.

For me I take a shower once I get home in the afternoon to wash “work” down the drain. I get in my comfy clothes and have a glass of wine with a feel good type of book or I write in my personal journal. I meditate, I nap, or I take my glass into the living room and watch Tudors on netflix.

I don’t care about dinner, or anything else. This is my time to unwind alone before LegoMan comes home.

Also in the mornings I force myself to walk up at 4am and leave for work in 30mins. (I drive 40 miles/1hr each way) This allows me 30 minutes before my boss gets here to relax and “gear up”. The lights are on timers so I get to enjoy a bagel and hot tea with my Himalayan salt lamps glowing. Yes, I hate waking up that early but its better driving than being stuck in rush hour when all the accidents happen, then coming into the office POed.

So if you don’t have a cleansing routine and you suffer from stress alot. For the love of Buddha and all things holy, slow the F— down and take some time for yourself.

I know it’s a hard concept for us who are total givers but, believe it or not, giving ourselves healing time will actually make us better people to whom those we love…

Especially the poor souls who put up with us when we have the meltdowns in the first place. 😛

Much love and hugs,

Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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