Life is like Tea..

Life is like Tea…

It took me the better of the last 2 years to figure this out but life is really Simple.

Yes, really simple. Tea- in its purest “drinkable” form is  hot water soaked with herbals. Two ingredients and that is it. Life is just two ingredients as well; your choice and your perceived reality, but in the end all that matters is the quality of your choices like the tea leaves you use.

I hear sometimes the complaint that “I don’t have any freedom…so many responsibilities…not enough hours in the day to finish it all.”

Let’s sit down with this a second and review your choices.
You have the CHOICE to accept your responsibilities. Don’t say you didn’t have a choice- you could have walked away or just terminated the problem. You CHOSE that responsibility. You mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically chose to carry on whatever that responsibility was.

I have a 6-230pm job that pays the bills. I choose to come in and earn a paycheck. I choose the requirements my job dictates. I could also choose to walk away from this job. I am not chained to my desk. I am not chained to my 4am alarm clock either. Yet, I choose to come in and work because I want to. I don’t NEED to, I WANT to work. I could just quit and file for welfare.
(my bills “need” payments but I can get that from any job I chose)

I have a wonderful, fulfilling relationship with a man I love dearly. I CHOOSE this relationship. I can also choose to leave it. I have this freedom of choice. I choose him. I choose the time and energy demands that a girlfriend needs to give 100%. I choose the sacrifices, the stress, the money, the time, the energy—I choose all of it.
I can / could wake up on morning and walk away. I am not shackled to him. I am not shackled to a relationship. I CHOOSE it.

Now, turn the tables.

Reality is water. The State of it may change. The temperature may change. The Form of it may change.. but the chemical H2O make up will NOT change without extreme outside meddling (Ie Divine/God etc). So reality is constant. The only think that makes it seem changed/different is YOUR PERCEPTION.

You can perceive reality to be Happy because you can choose to see it as happy.
You can perceive reality to be Sad because you can choose to see it as sad.
You can perceive reality to be Mad because you can choose to see it as mad.
You can perceive reality to be Hell because you can choose to see it as hell.


Knowing that you have such a monumental ability to control your own life IS FREEDOM.

You are not chained to anything you do not want to be chained to. If you think you are I will tell you right now it is all in your head. If something or someone is not helping you achieve your Highest good in this life then why put up with it? Don’t believe the BS that Society tells you about propriety, manners and profession etiquette. Society tells us how it ‘WANTS” us to react…not how we should react for our personal improvement and benefit.

I know some clients I counsel hold grudges and build resentment towards others. This cycle snowballs until they see the whole world is against them and their eyes find negativity in everything. When I tell them they have the freedom to choose their reactions (happy, sad, mad, etc) they don’t believe me because they are so deep in the mental trap. It takes time but slowly they realize their mindset isn’t anyones’ fault but theirs. Now, they have a choice. To reinvent their mentality or to stay stuck. Some choose change, others do not.

The wonderous thing is You have the Freedom to change the Choice at anytime.

So the next time you feel weighted down, frazzled and pulling your hair because of something- remember you chose this. You can “unchoose” it and walk away to find something better or accept it ‘as is’ and change your reaction from a negative to a positive, thus changing your perception of your reality.

That is the Freedom we all have.


Let me know what you think! Love to hear from you!

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