Reminder: The Scale Does NOT Define You

This Article was written in a forum posting on by a member named LorinaLynn. She has an amazing point that was actually a mental wake up call for me, personally.
I had become discouraged with my lack of progress with my scale (Mr. LegoMan had dropped 13lbs at this point) and after reading Lorina’s post I got my measuring tape out to record my measurements- which I had never updated since starting MFP way back when…

I has lost over 10 inches total…but only lost 4.5lbs…. WOW HUH… was NOT expecting that!

Reminder: The Scale Does NOT Define You

LorinaLynn / found here

“I can’t count how many threads I’ve seen just in the past week that were along the lines of “My clothes are getting looser and I look thinner, but the DAMN SCALE WON’T BUDGE! How can I make the number drop!?!” sad

Stop it. Just stop it. Now.

If you’re getting smaller, you’re doing things right. It doesn’t matter what the effect the earth’s gravitational pull has on you at any given moment. No one knows that number but you.

To illustrate that point… Last October, I reached my goal weight of 126 pounds. I wanted to be 9 stones. No, I’m not British, but I like the number nine. And actually, I got to 125.5 pounds. To celebrate my victory over the bastardly scale, I bought new jeans.

These are those jeans last year.

Happy camper. Loved how I looked.

SINCE then, the scale has bounced around quite a bit. Between being on the bench about six weeks in January with a stress fracture, some trial and error with trying to find exactly what maintenance is, a few lazy weeks in June when I lost my mojo and then caught the flu… But I stuck with it, and tried to ignore the scale best I could. I eat about 2100 calories a day Monday through Friday, don’t log on the weekends at all, run 3x a week and lift weights 3x a week (stronglifts 5×5, just started week 2, but I’ve been lifting).

I’m currently about 132-133 pounds. And here’s those same jeans today.

I’m about 7 or 8 pounds heavier, but I could smuggle a loaf of bread down my pants.

And that’s why I always say… Track your progress through measurements, how clothes fit, and progress photos, not just by the scale. The scale is a lying, cheating bastard who kicks puppies and takes candy from babies. Don’t give it any power over you.

Like I said in a couple threads today… Losing pounds is like getting a promotion at work with a big fancy title, but no pay raise. Losing inches without much in the line of pounds is like getting a big fat pay raise. Which will matter more in your day to day life?

(Edit: I hate how the camera flash washes out all definition. grumble)

Edited by LorinaLynn on Tue 10/02/12 05:55 PM”
(Used with respect and full copyright-I messaged her permission but never heard back)

Goodnight ya’ll!

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