Coming Back

Stay Tuned!  I will have a new post about whats been happening later this week – the good, the bad and the ugly.  🙂


It’s that time…

Well, it was bound to happen as the Wheel of the Year turns around again…Hairdryer season.
Also more lovingly called Treadmill Days,  the TarMelt, the 3 Month HotFlash.

Yes, Summer has finally touched down in Texas.

Now, in the past, we normally begin hitting the 100s towards the tail end of June. Tomorrow, we are on track for our first day of 100 degrees. I don’t know if Mother Nature is being kind only to brutally torture us in August or if global warming is making our summers wetter.

Either way, the grass is still green and my electricity bill is still not popping my eyes out of their sockets. Life is Good.

Running has progressed slowly. I had 2 weeks of great 3 mile runs on Saturdays but took the last week off after getting shot in the shoe by a UTI. I don’t like to run while on antibiotics and achey burning lady parts will refuse to see spandex. I worked on my yoga and pilates instead, and part of me really wish I hadn’t.

I’ll be on my last day of meds tomorrow and plan to hit the gym at work for some intervals to work on my tight hips before Saturday’s run.  I did 2 miles Tuesday and felt pretty nice, granted I was distracted with the built in TV treadmill. Forged in Fire was on and I have a thing for knives 🙂

My galpal recently sent me some stretch videos to help me with my hip flexors (she wanted to sit in lotus position for meditation and there is some hip flexor work apparently). She’s gotten in the good habit of daily stretching in the evenings and I’m working on starting that habit.

Lastly, after much drama with the apartment move, I finally decided to treat myself by updating my original Vivoactive (gen 1) to the new VivoActive HR. It was also my self-bribe to not fall off the running wagon again after this UTI business.

I’m really enjoying the new features and hope to give it a solid workout on Saturday. More to come on that!

I hope everyone is doing well and keep on running! Those steps don’t run themselves 😉

Turtle Report 7/3


Date: 7/3/17
Time: 7:30am – 8:30am
Weather: Mostly cloudy 80 degrees (H.I. 88)
Mood: Happy and optimistic. I hadn’t run this park yet.
Headspace: It’s kinda been floating about but I’ll talk more about below.
Weight: as of 7/1 – 315.0lbs
Plan Mileage: A hopeful 1-2 miles. Since it has been a month, I wasn’t in a training mindset. I just wanted to see where my body was.
Actual Mileage: 3.11 miles
Gear Notes: As we get deeper into July I will probably need my liter reservoir for my vest. Also, as with unpacking, I couldn’t find my UA compression shorts. Must find them!

So recently 4 out of 5 in my friend circle have taken up playing adult ice hockey. Hubby led the way and now my pals Steph, Chaney, and Christy has followed suit. Again, I feel a bit out of place being the odd man out. I cannot skate (attempted it twice) nor do I have any desire to go down that rabbit hole. I’m a hockey fan but from the sidelines.

Plus to me, IMHO, skating alone wouldn’t give me the same workout result as running does unless I played hockey (think HRM workout). So why should I spend $$$$ on gear, lessons, and league dues when I can just lace up and walk outside?
Someone would say but it’s great cross training! Well, I have a bike and yoga for that already. Again, where is the investment going if I’m not interested in the first place?

Now, the 3 who drank the Kool-Aid have begun calling the Sunday drop-in games “going to worship at church.” It makes us all giggle and I applaud their effort to be active and healthy. It’s not easy in this fast-paced world to make time for it as adults.

That phrase struck me yesterday though. I am a very spiritual person and having been raised Catholic; I see the benefit of having a regular spiritual practice. Part of me has been thinking (and hoping) that Running can become that “church/worship” mindset for me. It would take serious dedication but with a 22-mile trail right outside my apartment, I don’t think I have an excuse. 🙂

Tomorrow is the 4th of July so I’m hoping to air up the bikes this afternoon and we can go riding. Be safe out there guys! Enjoy the fireworks!


Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 10.12.54 AM

The Move is done! Gimme my shoes!

Hello long lost friends! I’ve sucked and completely missed writing much of anything last month. It took over a week for my eye to heal from the cold nightmare and just in time for me to begin prepping for the move. Here’s a quick run through of the crazy month I just survived…

Sick the last week of May through 06/03
6/04 – 6/10: Purged my stuff by half while still healing (a cough stuck around)
6/11-6/16: Work/purged/cleaned. Reminded my Husband to purge his office
6/16: Rented crates delivered by
6/16-6/22: I took the full week off so to pack the WHOLE apartment.
6/23: Movers came and took 7 hours to move our stuff.

6/24-6/28: My Husband (whom I love) had items that “we had to move ourselves” and it ended up taking TEN round trips that weekend and then 3 more Tues/Wed. Plus we had a week to unpack the crates before pick up.
6/28: Final load, cleaned and turned in keys.
6/29: Last crates unpacked.
6/30: Crates are picked up that afternoon.

living room – all furniture grouped

garage – boxes and crates

garage – boxes and crates

Moving day – Sunny does not travel well, managed to get out of his carrier and panicked anytime the car was moving.

Hubby surprised me with my dream pen and new inks as a special “You Rock, Baby” for the sheer insanity of this move while he was at work (contractor – no work/no pay/no rent)

So packing, moving, and stairs have been my cardio of choice the last 4 weeks. I did also lose weight, specifically 3lbs, since 6/15… so that is a win!

Hubby went out for his first walk in the park but I wanted a chance to give ya’ll an update that I didn’t die from an eye infection; I’ve just been very very (stress level 13 out of 10) busy. For the most part, it’s over. There is some final unpacking but nothing that requires a deadline. I even got my art/meditation space set up yesterday.

Thankfully, I have another 2 days off for the 4th of July holiday so when Hubby goes to work tomorrow I will be hitting the Sam Houston Trail Park (aka 22 miles of awesomeness) for a morning run. I’m hoping for 1-2 miles as I’m really  out of running shape,  but a nice run/walk will be just the ticket to jumpstart my health.

I hope everyone is doing well, please check back for tomorrow’s Turtle report. It should be interesting. 🙂


Month-Long Week of Sickness

I believe the worst is over.
I think we both are on the road to full recovery, finally.
Has it really only been a week and 3 days since Hubby brought home the cold? It’s felt more like a month long battle for blood, snot, and glory and for the most of it, we weren’t winning.

Last Friday, 5/19th, Hubby came home with a cold that knocked him flat on his butt and I spent all weekend trying to care for him. Sunday night, 5/21th, I felt my tonsils and lymph nodes begin to swell…Oh gods no…

I’m screwed…and I was.

Monday I forced myself to go to work (while sick with a cold and a yeast infection, but had to take Tuesday off because I had nothing in the tank.
Wednesday, Hubby and I returned to work again and made it through Thursday, though my left eye was having some itching and some strange gunk that I hadn’t experienced before. Hubby actually had a half day WFH on Friday so as long as he got through Thursday he would be fine.

Thursday evening all hell broke loose as I had to call into work again for Friday because my eye was literally crying the same phelgm that I was hacking up. Boogers coming out of your eye was just too much to handle. I hit a CVS Minute Clinic the next morning hoping the nurse would say ‘pink eye’ and prescribed something.



Covering the eye in case it was pink eye so it wouldn’t spread.

Nope, because apparently, I was bleeding from my eye. Fuck, Fuck, Damnit!

After crying in my car, in pain, half blind, coughing desperately thinking “do I have enough funds in the HSA account since we haven’t made our $3k deductible?” I said a few additional curse words and found an eye doctor willing to squeeze me in for an emergency appointment in 2 hours, less than a mile from home.


I thanked my lucky stars because it’s nearly unheard of to find a specialist open on a Friday before a Holiday weekend, must less with an opening to fit a new patient.

I returned home and began hacking my head off in the middle of walking up the stairs. Bad move, considering my coordination. With one tiny misstep, I tweaked my lower back. I was bed ridden for two hours on the heating pad, seriously wondering what did I do to anger any God(ess)es or if Fate just wanted to roll everything into this week, before the move in June.

I crab walked into the office 2 hours later.
The good news, it wasn’t the standard pink eye, so not as contagious. Yay! Right?

The bad news, it was acute bacterial conjunctivitis, a severe case, and a major concern. Due to my vicious hacking up phlegm, I had burst blood vessels, resulting in a subconjunctival hemorrhage as well. There was a risk that the bacterial infection could transmit into the vessels via the hemorrhage causing blindness. Especially, since the Cold wasn’t through with me yet.
This recipe for disaster was quickly averted with potent antibiotic drops to last me through the following week. I have to sleep with it bandaged so it doesn’t spread via my pillow, just in case.



Halloween came early.

Since Friday, the coughing has lessened from constant phlegm rockets to a more post nasal drip annoyance. Hubby and I still can’t sleep through the night but the hack attacks are less frequent and I might be getting 4 – 5 hours of deep sleep instead of 2-3 light dozing.

A few tips and tricks I’m gonna suggest when you and your S.O. get sick together.


  1. Buy tissues in bulk and buy 2 bulk packs. We’ve gone through 9 boxes of tissues collectively and have 4 more unopened packs left.
  2. Buy bulk water. Don’t use glasses and tap/water coolers. You will not have the energy to wash dishes constantly and you don’t want to reuse contaminated glasses by “assigning” a glass to yourself. You’ll just be sick longer.
  3. Microwave foods are your friends. Soups, mac and cheese, Jack Daniels heat and serve pulled meats, soft breads, and soft snack bars. You won’t have the energy to cook and favorite foods will not sound good. Right now being healthy is making sure you eat and get calories in so your body can try to fight the cold. Forget the salad and make the easy mac.
  4. Each to his own but we’ve found the Alka-Seltzer Plus medicine brand to be the best action. Two types: Severe Cough, Mucus, and Congestion (Day and Night); Alka-Seltzer Plus Day and Night. Pair those with Delsym for throat irritation (night time).
  5. Overuse of medicated cough drops will cause upset stomachs. Consider Ricola, if you are getting OTC meds. Ricola does have sugar free varieties in case of diabetic issues.
  6. Decide early on who is gonna be the food/drug runner. We all know that someone (though my bet is on the females) will have a better constitution to handle being sick and still get necessary shit done. There is a stereotype that men tend to be big babies when they get sick. In my marriage, when my husband is down and out…he is very much Down and OUT, so the tasks fall to me. That’s just the way it is. Accept it and move on. You can grumble while running the errands without the SO in the car.
  7. To S.O. who is not the drug/food runner in the relationship – Spoil the hell out of your sweetheart because they are just as sick as you are but putting aside their sickness to take care of you both so you can rest and heal.
  8. Keep multiple trashbags by your bed. The pile of tissues will be utterly absurd. Remember I said we’ve gone through 9 boxes this week? Where did you think they went after use? Yep, the floor. Energy conservation guys, clean up when you think straight.
  9. Know that you both can, and probably will, get on each others’ nerves. Sick and tired does not make for romantic times, only short fuses. Frustration tears will happen, just sniffle and snuggle through them.
  10.  Travel size hand sanitizer bottles EVERYWHERE.


No Runs this Week

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 7.12.09 AM

In my last post, I might have mentioned that Hubby came down with a cold from work Friday night and after playing nurse all weekend the symptoms kept up upon me too. The first sign was feeling my lymph nodes/tonsils swelling up like sponges hitting the water. I love my husband (and do not condone domestic violence) but man, I wanted to punch his leg cause I knew…oh I knew, what was coming next. <BEEEP!>

The first stage, a painful sore throat with no other symptoms, always scares me, I’ve had tonsillitis several times and that is much worse than a cold. One cold bug does not manifest the same way for each person, so I’m terrified that it’ll transform into the vilest of throat pains.

I forced myself to go to work yesterday because I already have most of my PTO time booked for next month’s move and I also needed a break from the sick husband. I was relieved, to a small degree, when the drainage/cough crud began later that afternoon. This was very good, no tonsillitis. I can breathe…ermm cough in relief.
I stayed at work as long as possible until my afternoon reporting was completed. Then I booked it around 2:15pm to go to the store and get soft foods for the two of us.

Soups, soft rolls, baked beans, easy mac and cheese, and that pre-cooked jack daniels pulled meat trays seem to be the winning ticket when you have a sore throat but your body needs substance.
I would also include instant oatmeal and peanut butter/ jam English muffins for breakfast and snacks. Nature Valley has a soft baked oatmeal squares that are a delicious choice and remind me of coffee cake.
A smart move I made this time was purchasing bottled water. When we’re sick we tend to stay in bed, and our water cooler is downstairs. So it’s common problem that we do not stay hydrated when our bodies need it.

I slept until about 7:30pm and made dinner (yay! nukeables!) and the easy mac was very warm and soothing for the throat. I figured it would cause coughing, but it was divine!

Now it’s Tuesday, and a sick day for the both of us (Hubby on #2), but I’m anticipating being at work tomorrow because I have a secret weapon for these types of colds.
Forcible Hacking. Yep, it sounds just like it is.

Morning and evening you bend over the sink with running water and forcibly cough the crud up until you think your throat will bleed. This gets a lot out and also loosens the nasal cavities so you can get some out with a tissue. Then it’s a spritz throat numbing spray and a cough drop and tuck yourself into bed.
Hubby still has the coughing fits but I’m not and that’s only because I get it out of the way as much as possible so I can sleep.

Needless to say, my running this week will be zero. This cold will take at least a week to run its course and my body will need recovery time, as all its energy is going into healing right now.

I wish you all happy and healthy runs!



Turtle report: C25K W1/D2



I’m late to posting this but I’ve been taking care of a sick husband for the last 2 days and somehow this has actually helped my weight loss (which doesn’t make much sense).

Date: 5/17/2017
Time: after work around 4pm
Weather: Pre- Summer warning. AKA 92 degrees, hair dryer winds and humid
Mood: I’m gonna finish. Then I’ll play some Ingress…..afterward: ” UGH, melting…car…need car.” Ingress was not played.
Headspace: Little hard to switch gears from thinking about work. Then I couldn’t stop thinking about how hot this summer was going to be.
Weight: 321ish lbs. I haven’t been doing dailies this week
Plan Mileage: none
Actual Mileage: just over a mile
Gear Notes: left shoe is still feeling loose. I only have 140 miles on this pair so they should be holding up fine, but I’m beginning to think that due to my weight if the standard 300 miles is too high. Logically, they would degrade faster as the weight goes up. Good thing I have a second pair ready in the wings.

There were some stretch breaks as my calves and my peroneal muscle was not having fun on this particular run. I chalked that up to waiting too long between runs and not stretching and rolling like a should be (aka daily). The main goal was to just finish and get it done after work. Partially, I thought about hitting the treadmill but knowing how summers can be here I might as well start acclimating now.

So now it’s been 3 days since my last run, mostly due to the fact that we had rounds of storms since Thursday. Then Friday night Hubby came home with a “summer cold”, which knocked him flat on his ass.
I’m torn between being the doting nurse and saying suck it up. After all, I don’t get a rest day when I have a cold (still have to do the chores, cook etc). I love him but when he gets sick it takes everything out of him. I’m trying to be understanding and making sure he takes his meds and rests this weekend. He doesn’t get sick days at his job (contractor still) so he really needs to rest as much as possible.

I just fed him breakfast and he’s already asleep again, while I’m plotting the possibility of running between the raindrops today. Hmmm….

Now the strange thing is that yesterday I didn’t do anything but a quick med run and dinner/grocery run for a single day. The rest of the day I was up here next to him crocheting granny squares and rewatching Vikings on my laptop via Prime Video. It was a nice way to relax the day away – something we haven’t done in about a month.

FullSizeRender 6

So today when I got on the scale I was a bit shocked that it reflected back 318.8 lbs. I’ve barely been running and Saturday it was more hydration and rest than snacking and moving about. it doesn’t make sense but I’ll take it! This definitely proves that maybe not doing something every minute of the weekend is a good thing.

Well, I got to begin the laundry and dishes while Sir Snore catches some more Zzzzs. I hope you all have a nice dry weekend and keep running!